BGMI Mod APK 2.8 Is Out Now, Download Now

BGMI MOD APK is a battle royale game where multiple players use strategy to fight and become the last person on the battlefield. A completely free multiplayer adventure in BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA hacks Apk. Players can fight in different game modes, either team or one-on-one.

BGMI APK helps you enable more features with various maps landscapes in a virtual atmosphere. You can also use the full power of Unreal Engine 4 to bring the beautiful world to life, supplemented by 3D sound effects to create a truly immersive mobile experience. Choose your card and your style. Make it suitable for you and prepare for a fun trip.

The game has been optimized to work on Every High and low-end smartphone, tablet, and other PC emulators. The game has been optimized for both High-end devices and Low specs devices. There are many kinds of characters to choose from, and each character has its unique abilities.

You can find the BGMI APK latest version in the link below.

BGMi (ESP + Aim Functionality )

 Compatible withAndroid 4.5+
 Last version2.7
 Size691.2 MB
DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc.
 Google Play LinkBGMI APK

BGMI MOD APK DOWNLOAD 2023: Experience the full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India with BGMI MOD APK. Explore our comprehensive guide to discover how you can access features like Unlimited UC Cards on Android & iOS Devices, Aimbot Wallhack ESP, and Glasses Support to enhance your gameplay while ensuring safety throughout.


Unleash Enhanced Gaming BGMI Mod APK, the upgraded iteration of the original Battlegrounds, takes your gaming experience to new heights. With improved graphics, an array of in-game characters, and an abundance of additional features, this version promises immersive gameplay like never before.

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BGMI Mod APK + OBB – Elevate Your Adventure

BGMI Mod APK + OBB is the tailored modification of the original game, offering an enticing array of additional features. If you’re eager to explore different map locations or embark on your journey as a unique character, this version is the one for you.

Battlegrounds Mobile Mod APK boasts unparalleled graphics and a 3D sound technique that’s bound to keep you hooked. Experience BGMI on your laptop or PC using an emulator and delve into its stunning graphics by leveraging RTX when running the game on your computer’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10xx series card in 64-bit OS mode.

Unlocking the Benefits of BGMI Mod APK Download

When you opt for BGMI Mod APK download, you’re not just accessing an ordinary gaming experience; you’re delving into a world of exhilarating possibilities. This BGMI MOD APK download brings with it a remarkable feature – wallhack functionality. What does this mean for you? Well, it ensures you stay a step ahead without stepping into the realm of BGMI hack MOD APK latest version. Curious to know why?

Wallhack, in gaming parlance, allows you to peer beyond walls and uncover what lies on the other side. With this invaluable feature at your disposal, you gain the upper hand in swiftly dispatching hidden foes, regardless of where they lurk. So, if your adversary is cunningly concealed behind a wall, plotting your demise, you can simply activate this wall-hacking capability and spot them, even before they can take a shot.

BGMI MOD APK and OBB Download Links: How to Safely Download and Install

How to Obtain BGMI MOD APK and OBB Files Without Risks Discover the process of acquiring the BGMI hack version without facing any bans by following these steps meticulously.

Please take note: To access the BGMI ESP MOD APK, you will require the Telegram app. We have thoughtfully provided direct links for BGMI hack APK and OBB downloads via Telegram, ensuring a seamless experience without the risk of download failures.


If You are LOOKING FOR BGMI MOD Apk file, then you are right place. You can download latest version OF BGMI MOD Apk from the link given below.

Downloading and Installing Battleground Mobile India MOD APK 2023: A Simple Guide

You can effortlessly obtain the BGMI Hack MOD APK + OBB File by adhering to the straightforward instructions outlined below:

  1. Begin by uninstalling the existing BGMI Playstore APK version, if it’s already installed (a crucial step).
  2. Next, proceed to download the provided APK and OBB files from our sources.
  3. Ensure you’ve enabled the option to install apps from unknown sources. If not, navigate to Settings > Additional Settings > Security and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Once the downloads are complete, install the APK file (but refrain from opening the game just yet).
  5. Move the OBB file you’ve downloaded to the “Android > Obb” directory. Create a folder named “com.pubg.imobile” within this directory and paste the OBB files inside.
  6. Now, go ahead and open the game. You can either sign up or sign in using your Google or Facebook accounts.

By following these steps diligently, you can securely download and install BGMI Hack MOD APK + OBB Files, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


If You are LOOKING FOR BGMI MOD Apk file, then you are right place. You can download latest version OF BGMI MOD Apk from the link given below.

Features of BGMI MOD APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk has consistently held its place as one of the most beloved mobile games within the gaming community. And now, it’s poised to thrive in the real world. The exciting news is that people from all corners of India can now take charge and savor this gaming experience once more. After a considerable hiatus, this game has made a triumphant return to India.


BGMI Wall Mod Feature

In the BGMI Mod Apk version, you have access to a remarkable feature known as the wallhack function. It’s an enticing addition that enhances your gameplay. However, it’s important to exercise caution and moderation. While you can enjoy this feature, refrain from excessive use to avoid any repercussions. Strike a balance – engage in the game, harness the power of the wallhack function when necessary, and ensure your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

Get BGMI Unlimited UC

In this Version of BGMI mod APK,You can get unlimited BGMI UC, which essentially translates to unlimited money within the game. With this newfound wealth, you gain the capability to unlock and acquire all the content available in Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod APK. Given the diverse array of enticing disguises and items at your disposal in Battlegrounds Mobile India Apk, you can utilize your UC to purchase a wide range of items and truly enhance your in-game experience.

Get BGMI Unlimited PP.

In BATTLEGROUND MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), BP stands as another valuable in-game currency. It grants you access to various crates and boxes, which can hold surprises beyond your expectations. In the world of BGMI, surprises often come in the form of unexpected gifts waiting to be discovered.

Free BGMI Aimbot.

Aimbot is a video game feature that offers an automated targeting system, enabling precise shooting to eliminate target enemies swiftly. It can automatically detect and engage enemies with lethal accuracy. However, to maintain a discreet profile and avoid detection or reporting, Aimbot refrains from shooting through walls or into buildings.

It’s important to note that Aimbot is exclusively tailored for firearms and is not compatible with grenades or other projectile weapons. Players are encouraged to exercise prudence in ammunition usage to prevent unnecessary depletion of their resources, ensuring that both ammunition and weapons remain readily available for engagements with enemies.

There is some Other Features of BGMI MOD APK

  • No grass
  • No Recoil
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlock All Skins
  • Metal Head
  • No Root Required
  • Anti-Ban

Here is the way How to Fix BGMI Login Problem

If you encounter login problems while attempting to access your BGMI account, follow these comprehensive steps to effectively address and rectify the situation:

  1. Exclusive Facebook Login: For seamless access, utilize your Facebook account as the primary login method. If you possess a Google Play or Twitter account, consider linking it with your Facebook account.
  2. Uninstall Facebook Apps: On your Android device, uninstall any existing Facebook applications. This step ensures a clean and trouble-free login process.
  3. Mobile Data Login: Opt for mobile data as your preferred internet connection method during the login process. Avoid using Wi-Fi at this stage.
  4. BGMI Mod APK Initialization: Initiate the BGMI Mod APK application. As soon as the BGMI logo appears on your screen, temporarily disable your mobile data (internet connection).
  5. Facebook Login Activation: A Facebook Login Popup will manifest. At this point, swiftly re-enable your internet connection and proceed to log in using your Facebook account credentials.
  6. Successful Login: Congratulations! You have now successfully regained access to your BGMI accounts without any login issues.

By meticulously following these steps, you can swiftly and efficiently resolve any BGMI login hurdles, ensuring uninterrupted access to your gaming account.

Learn About Battlegrounds MOD APK Features:

  • No Recoil: Eliminates or significantly reduces recoil when firing weapons, enhancing accuracy.
  • No Grass: Removes grass and foliage from the game environment, providing improved visibility.
  • No Fog: Eliminates fog or atmospheric effects, enhancing visibility over long distances.
  • Less Smoke: Reduces the intensity of smoke effects, improving vision during battles.
  • No Water: Removes water elements from the game, which can be advantageous for certain tactics.
  • 90 FPS: Increases the frame rate to 90 frames per second (FPS), providing smoother and more responsive gameplay.
  • Enemy Box: Highlights enemy players with a visible box around them, aiding in target identification.
  • Enemy Line: Displays lines connecting you to nearby enemy players, indicating their position.
  • Enemy Skeleton: Reveals the skeletal structure of enemy players, making them more visible.
  • Enemy Name: Displays the names of enemy players above their characters.
  • Enemies Health: Shows the health or hit points of enemy players, helping you gauge their vulnerability.
  • Enemy Count: Provides a count of the total number of enemy players in your vicinity.
  • Enemies Distance: Indicates the distance between you and nearby enemy players.
  • Vehicles: Displays the locations of vehicles within the game, aiding in transportation.
  • Items: Highlights the locations of in-game items, making it easier to collect resources.



Unlimited Coins
OBB Feature[object Object]
No grass
No Recoil
Unlimited Ammo
Unlock All Skins
Metal Head
No Root Required
Anti Ban


the features mentioned, including reduced recoil, improved visibility, and informational advantages in gaming, can enhance gameplay experiences. However, they also come with a set of drawbacks, such as potentially creating unfair advantages, risking account suspension, and raising ethical concerns about fair play. Deciding whether to use these features should involve a careful consideration of both their benefits and potential negative impacts on the gaming community and the integrity of the game itself.

  • Improved Gameplay: These features can enhance your gaming experience by providing advantages such as reduced recoil, improved visibility, and smoother frame rates, making it easier to enjoy the game.
  • Enhanced Strategy: Information about enemy locations, health, and distances can help you make better tactical decisions and outmaneuver opponents.
  • Efficient Resource Gathering: Highlighting items and vehicles can streamline the process of collecting resources and getting around the game world.
  • Aid for Accessibility: Some players with specific needs or disabilities may find these features helpful for a more inclusive gaming experience.
  1. Unfair Advantage: Using these features can create an unfair advantage over other players who do not have access to or choose not to use them, potentially leading to an imbalance in gameplay.
  2. Risk of Account Suspension: Many games have strict policies against cheating or using unauthorized modifications. Using these features can result in the suspension or banning of your gaming account.
  3. Negative Impact on Fair Play: Cheating disrupts the integrity of fair play in multiplayer games, which can lead to a less enjoyable experience for other players.
  4. Ethical Concerns: Using these features raises ethical questions about sportsmanship and fairness in gaming, as it undermines the skill-based competition that games are designed to offer.

How to install BGMI mod apk?

The mod apk can be downloaded using the following steps:
1: Go to the link available on BGMI.
2: Install the apk by clicking the download button.
3: Use a file extractor app, or file manager, to install the apk onto your phone.

Can we download BGMI APK?

Yes you can download the BGMI MOD APK follow these steps:
Open any browser on your Android phone and search for BGMI APK download. Now go to the link of and then tap the download button. Now go to settings and allow installation from unknown sources so that the device will be ready to install the APK.

How to download BGMI in low MB APK?

BGMI Low MB Download
1st Step: Download the APK file from the link given below.
2nd Step: It will lead you to the Google Play Store page, Click on the install button.
3rd Step: Once the installing process is over, launch the game and download the required resource packs as per your need.


The information on this website is for educational purposes only. We do not endorse or promote any form of cheating or unethical behavior, including in gaming. Using gaming modifications may violate game terms and result in consequences. Always play games ethically and follow the rules.